Thursday, February 08, 2007

Daily Journal 2/7

Today, I took 3 day trades of which 1 was just breakeven. I also added to my WFR position.

Total Trades taken today:3(day trades)
Day trade Winners :3
Day trade Losers :0
R Total: +19
Total daytrade Points for today: +12 ***edited 4:49pm***


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

ice and ma?

Anonymous said...


I have an idea. Instead of posting dollar numbers profit, why not post percentage numbers profit?

For example, lets say you have $100,000 and you brought the account up to $150,000. Then you would have a 50% YTD profit. Then you post that your 50% up for the year in your trading journal.

Lets say you have $100,000 and you made $2000 today. Then you post that your profit was 2% of your trading capital for the day.

My opinion is that traders are more concerned about the percentages then the actual dollar amounts.

Anonymous said...

You obviously do not understand what R is. It is a much more meaningful standardization of profit/loss than % can ever be.

For example, what should MC use as his denominator? his cash? his equity? his BP? you get the point.

Get Tharp's book and learn about the concept of R. Then come back and thank me ;o)

Anonymous said...

you have demonstrated the concept that assholes do exist on the internet. why not explain in a kind and educated manner rather then demoralizing the poster?

Anonymous said...

i dont see any insults. you are too thin skinned