Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Daily Journal 2/6

Today, I took 4 day trades and not much because the market is currently in price contraction phase.

Trade Tickets for buy & sell:

Total Trades taken today:4(day trades)
Day trade Winners :3
Day trade Losers :1
R Total: +7.2
Total daytrade P/L for today: $3444


Zoomie said...

Whew, I vouched for you a couple days back. Thank God it was true ;). Anyone who would have bothered to look at your charts in detail would have soon realized you knew what you were doing. Thanks for sharing.

mc said...

thanks zoomie.

Flatwallet said...

Why do you bother trying to prove to people that you actually make these trades. You know the next group will come by and say that you coded up that page. You'll never win. However, thanks for educating us and keep up the good trades.

mc said...


I don't plan on doing it going forward plus I needed to bail out zommie for sticking out his neck.

Anonymous said...

Go ahead and post the link

Anonymous said...

No, keep posting the tickets. This makes the blog more exciting.

Anonymous said...

Would you like to trade someone else's money? If you like, we could sit down and discuss a business propisition. I reside in NJ and have a few other investors that might be interested in making a deal. We can meet at Arthurs for some steak.

Phileo said...

Hi Pinoy,

Congrats on another multiple R day!
Watching you perform like that really motivates me to improve upon my own performance.

FX said...

Hi pinoy great learning from you every day thanks for that. I have a question, maybe you answered it already but I will ask - how come that you have same share size on stocks that are 30$ and on stocks that are 60$, 150$?

Wouldn't you from money management size prefer same dollar amount for every position, and if not why not? Thanks in advance for your answer.

john said...

MC 1

Haters 0

mc said...

@dr. michael roberts, I'm not really sure about your offer of handling OPM (other people's money. I'll be a pleasure to met you though.

@phileo, i'm glad that my journal helps you but really the best help you have is your self specially in trading. It's a lonely world.

@fx, its for simplicity more than anything else.

@john, i'm not really trying to pick a fight. I'm was just trying to write about my first hand blogging experience.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if you've already mentioned this but what software/broker are you using? I don't recognize it from the screencap of your executions.


mc said...


billk said...

I never doubted you man. This blog has inspired me to trade larger size and set my goal at one thousand per day.

mc said...

@billk, just remember that trading is your own journey but its nice to know that my blog inspired others unintentionally. As you increase your position size, always know your risk first.

@anonymous, kumusta ka kabayan.