Friday, February 16, 2007

Daily Journal 2/15 ***late posting***

Today, I took 5 day trades of which 2 were stopped out.

I've noticed that the frequency of the DUMMY set-up trades getting chopped up has increased.

Phileo, the AC TRADE postings are trades for ASCEND INVESTMENT CLUB of which I'm a member. I started to track/record our trades in my journal.

Total Trades taken today:5(day trades)
Day trade Winners :3
Day trade Losers :2
R Total: +10
Total daytrade Points for today: +6.04

1 comment:

J said...

I agree.

The DUMMY setups are getting tougher to hang onto but from my own personal experience this type of price action goes in cycles.

Sometimes they work like gold then go somewhat cold.

Once we get a nice protracted downdraft in the overall markets (whenever that comes) I think they will start working better too. That should shake out alot of the newbie traders trying to trade just DUMMY style.