Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Daily Journal 2/13

Today, I took 5 day trades of which 1 was stopped right away for a loss and another 1 was just breakeven.

Total Trades taken today:5(day trades)
Day trade Winners :4
Day trade Losers :1
R Total: +6.5
Total daytrade Points for today: +6.42


Anonymous said...

nice to have you back.

alex G.

mc said...

Thanks Alex!

Anonymous said...

eh bro, nice work. I want to discuss some trading techiques with you. send me an email
stocksnbongs "at" aol. com

Anonymous said...

MC...can you tell me what you think of AMD...I think it has double-bottomed on the chart and now in a new uptrend. Can you tell me your quick opinion, I wont hold you to it. Thank you.

FX said...

Thanks for your charts it's great learning tool.

mc said...

fx: you are very welcome.

anon: AMD is in technical downtrend and might stay in that trend for some time. If this is a possible bottom and a TREND change to new UPTREND, there will be plenty of time to get on board. Sorry for the late reply.