Thursday, February 01, 2007

Daily Journal 2/1

Today, I took3 dummy day trades, of which 2 are almost break even trades.

I had to attend to some personal matters first this morning so I did not start trading until around 10:30am which caused me to missed several breakout trades that I usually take at the start of the session. It will be light trading for me tomorrow as well as I need to continuously monitor some personal matters.

With the earnings season about to be over, I am starting to position some cash into the stocks that I think would continue to its natural trend.

Total Trades taken today:3 (day trades)
Day trade Winners :3
Day trade Losers :0
R Total: +2.07
Total daytrade P/L for today: $1141


Zoomie said...

What do you think of the TIE 30 minute bullflag for a breakout play tomorrow? Too extended?

Keller said...

Any chance your going to share those nice "continueish trend trading stocks"?

I hope tomorrow brings us some excitement!

mc said...


Those would be the stocks that I take long term positions...I already have MA RTI LVS VIP...i'm currently stalking CROX MBT ICE NMX TIE ABC WFR


If it starts to breakout, I might come in with a stop just below the flag....strong resistance in the daily chart at $34 area so it could stop the move there. TIE has a history of running up for several days w/out pausing.

Anonymous said...


I am impressed with your results and I was hoping that that you could grant one special request.

I know many traders do not wish to share their system out of fear that others will copy it. Once the system is copied, then it becomes less usable.

However, is there anyway you could share at least the generic details of your daily routine? Details such as what programs you use to scan the stocks, how you look at the charts, etc. Anything that you would like to share without revealing your entire system.

Maybe tell us a little more about yourself too like how you got started, your age, education, etc and some of your trials and tribulations...

If you can kindly post it up in a seperate link telling us your daily routine and such that would be greatly appreciated.

You seem successful at trading and I'd like to gain a better picture of yourself.

Any information you provide would be greatly appreciated and I look forward to reading more about you.

Thank you.

mc said...

I will try to write a post regarding these questions because I seem to be getting a lot of these questions. Let me organize my thoughts first.