Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Day Trade: Long SPWR 30-min chart

  • The stock is active with strong upward momentum and confirming volume
  • Long entry at $39.80 on the break of the high of the 2nd cstick bar
  • Initial stop at $39.20 which is the low of the 2nd cstick
  • Sold 500 shares at $41.27 which is below the low of 12th cstick
  • Trade closed with a gain of $735 ( +2.45R )


Bubs said...

Great trade here. I missed this one b/c my internet connection went down right when the stock was about to breakout. Also hwo do you find your setups? Thanks


mc said...

Sorry to hear about your internet connection problem. For my daytrades,
At around 9:50, I ran my scan to pick up stocks that are moving with high volume. Or sometimes, I scan for high volume movers at night and watch these stocks the next day if there is a continuation of the previous move. see VOL day trade for example.

trade well!!!!