Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Day Trade: Long HOLX 30-min chart

Entry @ $51.40 / 700 *** late posting***
Exit @ 54.94 ***update 2:30pm***HOLX, 3-month daily chart

Entry : $51.40

Size : 700

Exit : $54.94

Stop Loss : $50.50

Risk : 0.9

P/L : $2,478.00

R : 3.93
The first time this stock appeared in my GAPPER scan, I did not pay attention. But a few minutes later, it was back again but on the 20-DAY NEW HIGH (see daily chart above). I'm familiar with this stock because I used to track/trade it everyday when it was the top honcho of the medical equipment sector. Bought the position when the price pulled back a little bit after the breakout. Sold the position when the trailing stop was hit which is just below the 9th HANGING MAN cstick.

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