Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Day Trade: Long BOT 30-min chart

Entry @ $168.30 / 700 ***late posting***
Exit @ $170.11

Entry :

Size :

Exit :

Stop Loss :

Risk :

P/L :

R :
I created a TRADE TRIGGER around 11:20am to buy at market when price clears $168.25 which was .25 above the top of the tail of the 2nd cstick. The trigger was executed and my trade was filled on the 6th cstick. Sold the position when it started to chop after it filled the gap. I tried to sell it when it was still around $170.90 but trading from a mobile device (motoQ) was so slow my order was posted 3 minutes later.


Anonymous said...

Hi, great blog. What trading platform do you use that allows the complicated orders? I use E Trade and can't enter buy stop orders....I'm looking for a new broker.


mc said...

Ameritrade allows you to create/save triggers that will fire off buy or sell transaction when the condition that you specified is met