Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Daily Journal 1/24

Today, I took 5 day trades, closed my position in BG at a gain and added some more for my MA long position.

Today felt like the running of the bulls (i can't really describe because my closes experience to this was when as a kid, the horse mauled and kicked me around) so I just kept my day trades until the close of the market. I also went over my buying power today but closing my position in BG resolved the problem.

Blogger problem also kept me from keeping this journal as close to real-time as possible. If the frequent downtime in blogger keeps on, I might have to go back to my paper and pencil. Less aggrevation.

Total Trades taken today:5 (day trades)
Day trade Winners :5
Day trade Losers :0
R Total: +30
Total daytrade P/L for today: $14192


keller said...

NO, keep the blog!!! Come over to Boogster's site and start a blog there. I rarely have problems...Once in the last 3 months. Come on over!!! We need an expert to teach us how to trade!! Nice trading by the way!! What is your opinion on Single Stock Futures SSF?

mc said...


Thanks for the invite to join boogster's site. That's another option for me to consider if this blogger problem continues.

My opinion is that it looks like an option trade but with the added margin leverage.

I will have to read some more regarding the topic.

Michael said...

congrats on the great day!

mc said...

thanks michael. I'm a frequent visitor of your site. Great work.