Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Just got this sequence of comments from somebody who don't even want identify himself/herself.

I blog for myself to record my trades and keep it as my trading journal. I you don't like what you see then get out.

Anonymous said...
nice entry. :)
11:38 AM
mc said...

thanks for pointing out
11:42 AM

Anonymous said...

mc - I suggest you add another late entry. Long 700 CHRW at yesterdy's close of 43.76. That will look good too.
12:40 PM


dan said...

ignore the loser, trading is more important than blogging -- i could only imagine trying to post my trades real-time, LOL

keep up the great work, your style is very close to mine


Andrew said...


The first comment was mine (Nice entry) I put the smiley there so you would know I was just joking. Sorry about not signing on, I will from now on. I don't want to be associated with the other poster.


Andrew said...


I posted the first comment (Nice entry). I put the smiley face there because I was meaning it to be in humor. But you are right and I will take the time to identify myself if I make a comment. Guess I have to work on my blog etiquette.


mc said...

Dan, Thanks for reminding me. For a while there I lost some focus but I'm back.


Sorry for assuming that you and the other commentor are one and the same.
Did not mean to suggest anything about your blogging etiquette.

Anonymous said...

MC. Don't give that loser the time of day. I have learned soooo much just watching your trades. I look at when/why you bought them. I am not trying to trade what you trade, I just wanna know why you buy them. Forget that loser who wants to get some attention who has nothing nice to say. He obviously isn't learning anything from this blog. I for one I am learning a lot from you in just 5 days of reading and watching your trades. You keep em coming my man! Keep kicking ass! Don't listen to garbage from losers like that. Take care and good trading tmrw. thanks again for everything.

Alex G.