Friday, October 06, 2006

Trading Plan for 2006-10-06

I finally closed all my positions in these stocks:

AKAM - momentum seems to be slowing down and might be ready to move into a base building phase.
BEBE - reversal bar yesterday did not sit well with my stomach.
AEOS - another stock that might be going into base building phase.
AAPL - closed position even though the stock still look strong. Hopefully price activity will pick up after earnings.
RL - just have to close one more retail position.

All those positions that I have closed are still looking good but I have to free up some cash and move it to new opportunities such as:

ANF - increased my position after the price cleared the resistance line to all time-high
BOT - increased position as price stabilized at $130
ICE - increased my position as price moves to all time high
NIHD - increased position as price started to move out of the high range of the GAP candle.
RIMM - waiting and watching for another buy point to double position
VIP - started as a swing position. Bought some more after it cleared a descending channel

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